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Facebook Advertising

May I advertise on Facebook for you?          

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What Advertising on Facebook Will Do For YOU      

  • Online Facebook users have specific personal profiles so we may target the type of customer/client you want through location, age, gender or specific interests. Reach people who will more likely be a customer/client that will purchase your product and/or service;


  • Quality ad copy and pictures will be displayed advertising your business, organization, service or event;


  • Competition is low. Generally, Facebook will display your ad alongside four to six other ads at most;


  • We will assist you by providing a variety of pictures and ad copy to overcome banner blindness;


  • We will advise you of the number of potential customers or viewers available within your targeted geographic region. This could be 100,000 plus per month depending on geographic area you choose;


  • We will provide you with monthly reports displaying the number of people who have seen your ad. These reports are actual screen shots from Facebook;


  • We will tie your ad directly to your Website and/or your Facebook Fan Page. This will take your potential customer/client automatically to your specific advertisement;


  •  If you do not have a Website or Facebook Fan Page we can design either or both for you, for an additional charge;


  • No long term contracts


$75.00* per month: Pictures, ad copy and monthly reports of your ads progress will be provided.

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*Subject to change with 30 days notice.

Why Advertise on FACEBOOK?

  • You know that Facebook is getting really, really BIG.  As of today, Facebook reports having more than 167 million active users in the US alone, 50% of which log in on any given day. Also interesting, is that the average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook;


  • Do you think this amount of time is spent listening to Radio ads or reading Newspaper Ads?
  • Targeted advertising is our specialty with Facebook.  We can target your Ad to only be seen by clients/customers in a specific and/or interest, ie: geographic area, city, zip code, gender, age, interest, and more;


  •  The costs per ad impressions are low. Hundreds or thousands of dollars can be spent with Newspapers, TV or Radio.


Sample of Facebook Ad’s:


Duplicate CAt and GAS Mask500x450STOP THE SMELL IN YOUR HOUSE


Pet odors can be stopped! Product works on floors,

laundry, garbage, fish, mice and more.





Two people carrying houseNEED TO SELL YOUR HOUSE?


A Short Sale might be the answer,

contact an experienced broker for more info.



Don’t you think Facebook would be a great place to advertise your business, organization, product or event?

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