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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started?

– Proceed to Home Page Menu Tab labeled “Order Page” or3 D buiness card-reduced

2. How much does this cost?

Multiple Page Website:

– We offer a 3 – 5 page site depending upon your needs, for a one time set up fee of $299.00** plus a monthly web hosting and maintenance fee of $34.95*. Websites usually contain Home, Contact Us,  About Us and additional information as requested.

3. What happens after I order?

  • We will send you a Website Builder Questionnaire requesting the details we require to design and build your new website to your specifications. We will keep in contact with for additional information as needed;
  • We will bill your credit, debit card or your PayPal account an additional $34.95* for the first months website hosting and maintenance fee.

4. Can I make changes to the website?

  • Yes. Any changes you may request and made during the set-up process, before publishing, will be included in the original package price;
  • Once we have completed the website’s first draft, based on the initial information you have provided to us, we will contact you so that you may view it and suggest any changes you may want until you are satisfied. Only then it will be published;
  • Some customers may want extra services beyond the basic website package. We will provide you with a quote before incorporating the “extras” into your site. It would be lengthy to list all the possibilities here, but a few examples of “extra’ request may be: interactive calendars, online appointment capabilities,  or specialized software to accomplish your request.

After your website is published and complete:

  • Once your website is approved by you, completed and published, you will be able to make any changes you would like for years to come. We can grow with you.  Minor changes will not be charged any additional fees. Changes that require extra time will be charged $20.00** per half hour or $49.99** depending upon your request.  You can start small and add pages as your business/organization grows.

5. What is our refund policy?

  • Prior to our receipt of your completed Website Builder Questionnaire, you may receive a 100% refund of the prepaid website hosting and maintenance fee. After we have received your completed Website Builder Questionnaire, the prepaid monthly website hosting and maintenance fee is non-refundable;
  • Once a website is launched, the One-time Setup Fee is Non-refundable. A website is considered ‘launched’ when it is published and made public, regardless of the state of completeness (such as launching early for a promotional event);
  • After we have received your completed Website Builder Questionnaire, a mandatory $79.00** setup fee will be incurred and deducted from your refund;
  • If you view the First Draft and continue with the website design, and then later decide you want a refund, $149.00** setup & design fee will be incurred and deducted from your refund;
  • If you have paid for web hosting fee in advance and later request a refund, you will receive a refund for the unused months;
  • Our staff reserves the right to refuse service to any customer that may have requests or needs that we cannot fulfill.  We will issue refunds only if any service has been purchased in advance.

6. After purchasing a website package, why must I pay a web hosting and maintenance fee of $34.95* per month?

  • Web Hosting is a monthly service fee to keep your website online. Your website contains files which are stored on a “Web Server”. The monthly Web Hosting fee covers the Web Server costs and our continuing maintenance. In addition, all websites need continual “updates” within the internal, back office of your site. We will monitor & implement these updates.
  • Web Hosting begins at the start of the website design process.  A customer’s website files will be stored on this hosting account while the Website is “In Progress” and “After Publication”.
  • Website hosting is a mandatory part of creating a website. It’s the fuel that runs the car.

7. Can I see samples of your work?

– Yes. Please Click Here to see websites we have previously designed and published for other clients.

8. Who owns the domain name?

– If we obtain a domain name for you, one that you have approved of, as part of our service, we own your domain name as long as you use our hosting service. If you want to take over the updating and maintenance/changes to your site, ownership may be transferred to you, if we mutually agree that you will no longer use our hosting service. The domain name may be transferred to your ownership upon your payment to us for a one-time fee of $200.00** which covers the time consuming process of implementing a transfer and charges from the hosting provider. After the transfer is completed, you will be responsible for the costs of the annual domain registration fee and monthly hosting charge from the website hosting company.

9. Will we provide pictures?

– Yes. We can provide you with some stock photos for use in your new website. All pictures will be legally purchased and not “stolen” from the internet. You will not run into any copywrite issues with the pictures or images we provide. All pictures will be included with package price. Any pictures you own personally may also be used.

10. How long will it take for my web site be available?

– Normally it will take 7-14 days to complete your website and be ready for your review of the first draft. If we do not receive the required information to make your site accurate, via the completed Website Builder Questionnaire, then the process could take longer. We strive to make this process the best possible experience for you. Your prompt response to our request for information will make this a smooth and timely effort for both of us.

11. Can I have a website designed to sell merchandise?

  • We can integrate with PayPal for a limited selection of items on any page. If you are only selling a few items, we can create a website that has a simple “Buy Now” button. Depending on what you are selling and the number of items involved, there may be an additional charge. Contact us to discuss.
  • A small “e-commerce” site that accepts credit cards may require additional fees, please call us for options. We can only create an e-commerce site for a limited number of products. If you plan to sell many items (like a clothing or book store). This would require an advanced “e-commerce” site which is beyond the pricing we are offering. So we would not be able to assist youat this time.

*Subject to change with 30 days notice. / **Subject to change without notice.

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