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Website Builder Questionnaire


The following will help us to design your new website. Answers to the below questions will provide your customers/clients with the information they are seeking and will help them to choose you as their service/product provider and/or provide them with the resources that they are seeking. Some of the below requested responses may not apply to your business/organization.

Business/Organization Name:

Your Name:

Additional Authorized Person (Make decisions regarding your website):

Your Contact Phone:

Authorized Person Contact Phone:

Business/Organization Phone:

Business/Organization Fax:

Business/Organization Address:

Business/Organization E-mail:

Your Personal Contact E-mail:

Authorized Person Personal Contact E-mail:

Business/Organization hours/days of week:

Do you offer Emergency service:

How do potential customers/clients find you and/or your business/organization now:

Does your business/organization currently have a website(s):

Business/Organization Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/

Business/Organization Twitter Name: @

What Website Name(s) would like to have (Listing more than one is OK, just in case your first choice is not available):

Employee Names – Their business/organization responsibilities – If you wish to have them listed:

Do you have a picture of your business/organization facility:

Do you have a picture of yourself:

Do you have a picture of your featured employee(s):

Do you use a business/organization Motto:

Do you have a business/organization Logo:

Provide a description of your business/organization:

Please list the most important reasons why a customer/client should consider choosing to use you and/or your business/organization for their needs:

What makes your business/organization special/different from your competitors:

How long has your business/organization been established:

What geographic region does your business/organization serve:

Do you currently do any type of advertising – If so, what type:

Do you offer any special services:

Do you offer any special discounts:

Do you offer any warranty/guarantee for your product and/or service:

Is there any special financing available for the payment by the customer/client:

Do you accept credit/debit cards, PayPal and/or checks – Which ones:

Please provide any additional information and/or comments that may help us to design your website to meet your needs: